Application Submission Webform

Using our application submission webform will help you to submit a quality application.

How to use the Application Submission Webform

We request that you use the Application Submission Webform so that you can give us all the information we ask for electronically. Each Investment Type has a corresponding template pack on the Our application templates page.
The Application Submissions Webform captures high level information about your application based off the Summary of Key Information table on the application form. Make sure to complete all the required templates from the template pack prior to starting to fill in the webform as you will need to upload the documents as supporting information.

Electronic filing requirements

Your application and supporting information must be submitted electronically. The Application Form should be provided in PDF form unless otherwise advised. Documents should be provided to us by uploading into the Application Submission Webform at the time you complete the webform.

All PDF documents should be: 'printed to PDF', or scanned and OCR'd (i.e. all text in the document can be copied); free from security restrictions; in colour (if the document contains colour); if scanned, scanned at 300 dpi (where possible).

If your application for consent is in relation to a fishing quota, please contact us first as these applications are rare, have unique characteristics, and require some different information to be provided.


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