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Notification type - NSPO or ENR

Select whether you are notifying under the national security and public order (NSPO) regime or the emergency notification regime (ENR).

The NSPO regime is replacing the ENR regime as of 7 June 2021. If you're unsure which option to select, our website has more information. Find out if you need to notify us of your transaction.

If you're unsure whether your transaction needs to be notified, please contact the Overseas Investment Office before continuing to fill out this form.

Do not use this form if the transaction needs consent under the Overseas Investment Act 2005. To find out if your transaction needs consent under the Act, see Find out if you need consent to invest in New Zealand.

Before you begin

Before you begin

Who must notify us of a transaction

Complete this form if you are an overseas person, or an associate of an overseas person, and you are investing in one or both of the following:

  • Securities (e.g. shares) in a New Zealand business so that you will have more than 25% ownership or control of the business, or will increase an existing ownership or control interest to a level beyond 50%, 75%, or 100%
  • Property used in carrying on business in New Zealand that effectively amounts to a change in control of the business (i.e. the value of the property being acquired is more than 25% of the value of all property owned by the vendor before the transaction).

What you will need to complete this form

Have the following information ready before completing this form:

  • Information about who is acquiring the asset.
  • Information about the business you are investing in, including its industry.
  • Financial statements for the past 2 years for the business you are investing in.
  • Colour copies of the passport identity page for each individual, trustee, or director involved in the transaction.
  • A structure diagram showing full legal and beneficial ownership of the investor.

Please note that you must upload the supporting documents at the time you submit the form. We cannot accept any documents or submission information by email. Our assessment will not begin until all relevant information is received.


We strongly advise a professional legal or investment advisor completes this form as it is technical in nature. Incomplete or inadequate information could result in delays processing the notification.

For general guidance, contact the Overseas Investment Office:

  • If you are in New Zealand 0800 665 463
  • If you are overseas +64 7 974 5595
  • Email: